Here is a project.

Bollysite has lots of cool backend/frontend stuff  to give latest updated news as well as good User Interaction to the user.

Finally, one of my frontend engineering work Bollysite movies, get featured on Google Code Blog.

For every movies information, I didn’t have any image into my database. So, first I tried Flickr API to get relevant images to movies. But Flickr failed to deliver relevant images for old movies.

So, finally I try for Google Image Search API. First result on Google was relevant to every odd/old movies.

Then, I just needed to tweak API to get only first result. I could find that function returns raw output.

So, I override that function with my custom function. = function(arg1,arg2,arg3,arg4){
if(typeof(arg2.results[0].tbUrl) != "undefined"){
movieImage = new Image();
movieImage.src = arg2.results[0].tbUrl; // Here first image will come
// now you can use movieImage.src to anywhere....

So, now google powers every movie images to BollySite Movies