Bollysite goes Orkut (opensocial)

We proudly present Bollysite News as an Open Social Application.


You can add this application by following these steps.

  1. Goto
  2. L.H.S see the Apps Box. Click edit
  3. Under add an application directly by its url box enter,
  4. Click Add Application.
  5. Click Save.

Facebox hack for Internet Explorer (IE 5,6,7)

Along with jQuery, we have used third party module facebox for hindi lyrics. During testing different browsers, I got problem with placement of facebox.

In internet explorer (IE 6 & 7) it got aligned left.

So, finally I tried some cross browser hack for it. I have done some little change in facebox.js

At the end of function,

$.facebox.reveal = function(data, klass) {

I have added followng line,

b = $("BODY").width();
pl = (b - $('#facebox .content')[0].offsetWidth)/2;
$('#facebox')[0].style.paddingLeft = pl;


[1] If browser is Internet Explorer, it gets width of view port into b variable
[2] Now facebox width is $(’#facebox .content’)[0].offsetWidth
[3] So, required left padding is (total screen width - box with)/2
[4] $(’#facebox’)[0].style.paddingLeft = pl line properly aligns the facebox.

Now Hindi Lyrics is yours

We pleased to know you that now you can send lyrics to someone special to you. I love to dedicate love lyrics to my beloved, so I think why not to make such a module that can help other people to share their hearts’ thought.

Bollysite Lyrics Preview Main

Apart from that, we have added printer friendly version for hindi lyrics. So, on printed page you can get lyrics only.

Correct Lyrics

If you find any mistakes or errors in lyrics, feel to click correct it, it’s yours. We will review it & update lyrics accordingly.

Send Lyrics

So enjoy, Bollysite’s Hindi Lyrics


Bollysite News goes iGoogle


Now you can get all the bollywood sites news on your google homepage ie. iGoogle.

Add to iGoogle

Just click above Google icon to get bollysite add bollysite news widget to your iGoogle homepage.